Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association
The form to submit incidents or grievances within 3 days of the event is available under Downloads, Forms. This process is to allow for a platform to communicate situations which are in violation of, in contravention of, and/or inconsistent with: I. The Constitution of the VWFHA II. The rules of the game III. The spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play
HELP us HELP grow Youth Field Hockey in Metro Vancouver by attending our Holiday Party! Help fund:  MVPL Bursaries – proceeds to two Youth field hockey athletes  Community donation to an organization that provides sport opportunities to Youths. Sat, Dec 10 from 5-10PM at Breakfast Table, 3014 Granville, Vancouver. Tickets are available through (search MVPL)
Game Schedules
The UPDATED schedule as at Nov 21, 2022 which includes games to Dec 11, 2022, is now available under DOWNLOADS, SCHEDULES.
No Dogs
NO PETS, NO smoking, NO alcoholic beverage permitted on the fields! These are the terms of our contract or we run the risk of losing access to the fields if we violate these rules. DOGS must remain OUTSIDE the fenced area, even if you're holding them. PLEASE respect the rules in place so we can keep access to the fields!
Become an Umpire!
VWFHA needs MORE umpires! This game is not possible without officials and we encourage you to try it out and get involved! Get the required training through FHBC. More information is available at
VWFHA COVID-19 Safety Guidance