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Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association: COVID-19


This guidance may change at any time. VWFHA will monitor local public health orders and adhere to the health and safety guidance as directed by FHBC and ViaSport. FHBC and ViaSport will determine how to  implement requirements from the Provincial Health Officer. 

(Posted September 30th, 2021)

Under the current BC Province-wide restrictions: 

• All outdoor group sports for adults are permitted. This includes games, competitions, and  practices. People who live in Interior Health must follow regional restrictions. 

• Travel for sport is allowed. 

• Proof of immunization is not required at this time. 

As of September 27th, 2021 VWFHC under direction from FHBC no longer requires completion of attestation forms.  Local Sport Organizations (LSO’s) still have a choice to continue to adopt an attestation protocol, but this is now no longer a requirement under FHBC (PSO) Responsible Return to Play protocols nor a requirement within viaSport BC Organized Sport Sector Return to Play protocols. See here for FHBC's latest COVID-19 Communique.

If a team member or official becomes infected with COVID-19, please notify the VWFHA. You do not need  to identify the individual. This will allow VWFHA to notify any team or official of a potential exposure and  to monitor for symptoms. 

General health and safety consideration: 

• Limit the bench area to players and coaches/managers.  

• Do not enter the field of play until the other teams have exited. After your match, please  remember to get your teams off the benches as soon as possible as a courtesy to the teams  waiting to play. 

• Physical distancing (2 metres) is highly recommended off the field of play 

• Masks are not required outdoors at this time, but are highly recommended off the field of play • Players and umpires may choose to wear masks on the field of play. 

• Frequent hand washing with Alcohol based hand rub is encouraged. 

• Spectator limits – Outdoor spectators 5,000 people or 50% capacity, whichever is greater

• Cleaning of the bench area before and after games is at the discretion of teams.

• Traveling players and officials from outside of BC and outside of Canada are allowed to play  (subject to federal restrictions and guidance) 

• Safety Officers are not required at this time. 

• Drop off/pickup areas – highly recommended 

• Game timing: 17 minute quarters with no stoppage (except for injury/discipline), 2 minute breaks between quarters, 5 minute break at half time. Umpires will be closely timing to keep the games  on schedule. 

For more information, please refer to: 

BC Province-wide restrictions: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/info/restrictions

ViaSport Return to Sport: https://www.viasport.ca/return-sport 

Field Hockey BC: https://fieldhockeybc.com/covid-19-response/

VWFHA COVID-19 Safety Guidance