Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association: COVID-19

The page will be updated regularly to contain the most up-to-date information on how the VWFHA is managing this season during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

VWFHA will be paused until Monday December 7, 2020 in accordance with the terms and intent of the latest statements from Dr. Henry. Play will resume in January.

VWFHA COVID-19 Safety Plan

Download the VWFHA COVID-19 Safety Plan (updated November 5, 2020, changes shown in blue text)

View the Safety Officer Checklist (updated November 5, 2020, changes shown in blue text)

View the Coaches Checklist (updated November 5, 2020, changes shown in blue text)

Download the VWFHA Participant Attestation Form (updated October 16, 2020)


Field Specific COVID-19 Safety Requirements

(November 10th updates reflect order that spectators can no longer attend outdoor sport activities)

BURNABY (updated November 10, 2020)

ERIC HAMBER (updated November 10, 2020)

MINORU (updated October 19, 2020)

RUTLEDGE (updated November 10, 2020)

TAMANAWIS (updated November 10, 2020)

UBC (updated November 10, 2020)

TOWNSEND (updated November 10, 2020)

Please email if you have any questions


VWFHA COVID-19 Safety Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a cohort?
    A cohort is a group of 4 teams. The intent behind the cohort model is to limit the chance of exposure to COVID-19 within our community.

  2. How many cohorts can I be a part of?
    The point of the cohort model is to limit the exposure of COVID-19 and ensure that a potential outbreak is kept to as few people as possible. Therefore, we ask League participants to abide by the following guidelines.

Players may only play in one cohort across all field hockey leagues and activities. The only exception to this is if a player is involved in a Field Hockey BC or Field Hockey Canada High Performance program. These athletes may play in their High Performance cohort and one League cohort.

Umpires will also be limited to one cohort across all field hockey leagues.

Coaches may be a part of up to three cohorts but must wear a mask and physically distance as much as possible. If an individual is playing in one cohort, they may coach in two additional cohorts.

A player/umpire/coach that is only taking part in one cohort may perform any three of these roles within that cohort. For example, a player can also be an umpire within their sole cohort.

  1. Can there be spectators at games?
    New Provincial Health Officer order were issued on November 7th and will be in place until November 23rd at noon. During this time, Spectators can no longer attend outdoor sport activities

  2. Where and when can I access the field?
    All venue plans are posted on VWFHA’s website. Please check to ensure you know the proper entry and exit points, and any additional field-specific reporting requirements

    All participants must wait until the field has been vacated by the previous group before entering the field of play. As such, teams should vacate the field of play in a timely manner.

  3. What does the safety officer need to do?

Please refer to the safety officer checklist posted on the VWFHA website. 


  1. Our team is having a hard time finding a designated umpire. What can we do?

We understand that the cohort system poses additional challenges on finding certified umpires to cover games. The VWFHA league is allowing non-certified umpires to officiate games this season. This means that individuals who do not have umpiring experience will be allowed to umpire a game within their own cohort. 

Teams may also bring in un-certified umpires from outside of their cohort, but only if that umpire is not involved in any other field hockey cohort.

  1. Can my team use the player bench?

Team benches may be used, but they should be sanitized before and after games. Physical distancing should be maintained while on the bench. Masks are also encouraged on the bench.


  1. The guidelines indicate that players/umpires who are within the white lines of the playing field do not need to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. Is that true?

The purpose of the safety protocols are to enable all of us to have the opportunity to play field hockey, while staying as safe as possible. While this does mean that we can come within 6 ft of each other, it doesn’t mean that we necessarily should. We all need to remember that we are in a global pandemic and we should minimize our risk of exposure as much as possible, while also participating in the sport we love. The guidelines allow for us to scrimmage at practice and play games on the weekend. Please don’t hug your teammates just because you are within the white lines - COVID-19 still exists, even on the field hockey pitch.

9. Do players need to maintain 2 meter distancing while using the benches? 

Belongings do not need to be spaced 2 m apart; however, participants need to be able to access their own equipment without having to touch another participant's belongings.

Players who are subbed off, should sit/stand at least 2m apart.

More FAQs may be added as more questions arise