Vancouver Women's Field Hockey Association: Notice Board
September 1, 2022
Meet your 2022–23 VWFHA Executive!

Welcome to September and the beginning of another field hockey season! Get to know some of your 2022–23 VWFHA Executive below:

Ceri Cornwall (president)

I started playing field hockey at age 12, much against my will as I “thought" that I preferred swimming. Bullied into a team sport, played outside, on grass fields, mainly in the heavy, chilly rains of North Yorkshire, I grew to love the game. I am astounded to say that over 40 years later I’m still involved in the community. The occasional swim still sometimes occurs on the slightly damp fields of now, the North Shore, but the move from the grassy knolls of Yorkshire to the lush synthetic turf of Vancouver keeps my love of field hockey alive and well.

Rebecca Courtemanche (vice president)

I remember playing field hockey for the first time with my best friend. We loved the game and figured out the women's league was a great way to be able to play all year round. At 14, I was intimidated playing with “older” ladies, but I quickly realized I was welcome and part of the team. I now play field hockey for the love of the game, and I am happy and proud to volunteer my time to assist where I can. The field hockey community is fun, caring, and balances social/competitive play in just the right way. My favourite part of being in the women's league is the relationships and mentoring that happens across all ages.

Suzy Pruss (treasurer)

I have been part of the field hockey community for over two decades. I started in high school, joining the school team even though I had never even heard of the sport. I loved the challenge of trying to complete a pass through the potholes in the grass fields at Connaught Park :). After high school, at the suggestion of my coach, I joined the Meraloma FH Club and have played, coached and served as MFHC treasurer and VP, as well as VWFHA treasurer over the many years. I love the sport not only for a good run around, but also for the awesome players I have gotten to know (and call friends) over the years.

Paula Childs (umpiring coordinator)

I am a native South African having grown up along the sidelines of a hockey field with my mom playing and umpiring. I moved to the USA in my early 20s and continued playing and then focused on umpiring. I have umpired a bunch in the USA at the collegiate level as well as at Masters World Cups. I have truly loved the opportunity to be involved with adult hockey in the Vancouver league and being a part of Field Hockey Canada as a whole.

Hannah Scott (communication officer)

I joined my school’s field hockey team at age 13 and was shocked to learn there were no left-handed sticks. The joy and camaraderie of the hockey community has kept me involved since then, despite being a lefty. I have been a member of the VRC Jokers since 2013 and have proudly donned my orange jersey through torrential rain, out-of-season sun, and occasionally snow.

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