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‘A’ Game Series - Issue No. 01 – Stretches for Field Hockey
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Stretches for Field Hockey

"The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight."

- Arthur Ashe (American World No. 1 professional tennis player. He won three Grand Slam titles.)

The start of the field hockey season brings fun practices, exciting games, and muscle soreness that many of us may not have felt for a few months! In order to facilitate recovery, prevent injury, and improve range of motion and flexibility, the field hockey specific excercise program (accessible here) has been prepared by the Physical Activity Line

Please keep in mind the following guidelines as you stretch: 

  • Muscles are best stretched after a light warm-up (or after a practice session). 
  • Muscles should be stretched until a light pulling sensation is felt; mild discomfort is OK but pain is not. 
  • The stretch should be held for about 20 to 30 seconds and compelted on the opposite side. 
  • At least two to three sessions per week will be need to yeidl benefits. 

In addition to the use of protective equipment, other injury prevention approaches which warrant mention include: 

  • Warming-up before practices nad games with light intensity progression to moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for 10-15 minutes. Players shoudl feel warm/sweaty, notice an increased breathing rate and that their heart is beating faster. 
  • Sport specific drills (side to side running, running and stopping at cones, butt kicks, twists (front foot in back alternating), running and passing up the field with a partner. These are simply examples and can be modified as needed. 
  • Strength exercises: lunges (forward and reverse), body squats, planks, dead bugs, push-ups, dips, superman's, etc. 
  • Balance/proprioception exercises: balancing on one leg, single leg body weight dead-lift, toe to toe walking, single leg squat, etc. 

For more information, please contact the Physical Activity Line. To request a topic, please contact Katie at 

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